During an interview this week with Angela Yee, singer August Alsina addressed the rumors he once dated Jada Pinkett Smith and claimed Will Smith gave him permission to have a sexual relationship with his wife. But according to Jada’s reps, Alsina’s story is “absolutely not true.”

Alsina told Yee with 100 percent conviction an open and honest conversation took place between the blockbuster movie star and him. “I love those people literally like my family,” Alsina said. “I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation due to the transformation from their marriage to life partnership that they’ve spoken on several times and it not involving romanticism. He gave me his blessing and I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life.  And I truly am really, really deeply loved and have a ton of love for her. I devoted myself to it. I gave my full self to it – so much so to the point that I can die right now and be OK with knowing that I truly gave myself to somebody.”

Alsina sang about a love affair with an actress on the song “Nunya” in 2019. The single art featured a text from a woman named Koren, which is Pinkett Smith’s middle name, but he denied the song was about her.

The Smiths have not publicly addressed the allegations.

Jada Pinkett Smith Denies August Alsina Claims About Affair

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